Gearing up for Step 4 : Character Defects

I was thinking last night about step 4 that we will be talking about on Monday. Oh what perfect timing for me, as I have to look at a few things about myself that I've been putting off. Digging just a little bit deeper when it comes to my relationship with myself and partner. I find that I'm projecting on to my partner various Character defects. Yuck. Anyone else relate?

Things like impatience , frustration, guilt. It's time to get that 12-step workbook out again that's been sitting on the shelf for a couple years. 

I'm excited about this character or moral inventory that we can focus on next week. My prideful self would like to announce that everything is great and as long as I'm in my safe space , all is well. My humble self calls me out on that. It's in relationships that are Character defects pop up most of the time. That's where I begin to look at mine. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday.
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  • Pfft, character defects? I'm like Mary f--king Poppins, practically perfect in every way!

    Just kidding. I think the gear up and advanced warning is good to allow everyone some time to really think about themselves. Not just what the flaws are, but what they mean, how they manifest, and what we do about them.

    It will also be interesting to see when everyone puts their flaws up. I am pretty certain there will be a lot of common flaws. Despite our different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, I am sure we will see a lot of repeats. It will also be interesting to see how we feel about the flaws. How some people will see anger as a huge barrier, while others will see it as a warning sign, or a tool to be harnessed and used, or something.
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