Google Proves Americans Are Liars When It Comes to Sexual Desires

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz wrote a book called Everybody Lies that explores our national consciousness by analyzing the Google habits of Americans. While the book explores the ideas that America’s abortion crisis is self-induced and that America is full of racist and selfish people, it is another topic in the book that we were curious to know a little more about.

Stephens-Davidowitz mentions in the book how “Google is a digital truth serum.” Apparently, as Americans, we lie to our friends, neighbors, and loved ones but our deepest desires are ultimately shared with Google.

Here are the findings from the data analyzed by Stephens-Davidowitz:

- Many straight women watch lesbian porn

- A lot of men seem to prefer women who are overweight over women who are skinny but don’t act on it because they are afraid to

- There could be way more gay men in the closet than we think

- There’s a disproportionate amount of married women who worry their husband is actually gay

Stephens-Davidowitz decided to use data collected by Google or popular pornography sites because he says that one of the main ways we currently learn about sex is just by asking people but as any halfway decent social scientist will tell you when it comes to sensitive topics like sex, people lie.

Stephens-Davidowitz agrees that you can’t just draw concrete conclusions using this kind of data and obviously making inferences without back up evidence to support it doesn’t do anybody any good. But he also thinks that porn searches and views are a pretty telling indicator of people’s sexual fantasies, even if they don’t act on them.

According to the data, women are Googling about whether or not their husbands are secretly gay eight times more than about whether he is an alcoholic and 10 times more than whether or not he is secretly depressed. On the flip side, men are asking Google about whether or not their wives are crazy.

While the book focuses on the habits and desires of Americans, there’s some fun data about other countries and we think it’s safe to say that while the world is not openly united, they are in fact united in weirdness.


Illing, S. “Proof That Americans Are Lying About Their Sexual Desires”. Vox. (website). June 2017

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