Dr. Phil interviews Sinead Oconner... About Mental Illness

I just recently learned about Sinead O'Connor mental health issues, and watched an interview by dr. Phil yesterday. I found it very interesting, and anyone who struggles with mental health issues or has a family member who struggles, I think it can help to watch it. Those who suffer from extreme depression or Suicidal Thoughts, know that you are not alone. And there is help available. 

Take some time to check out this video. Sinead had to contend with a very abusive mother. All of the pain that ensued deep within her soul took a toll on her. We all experience struggles and pain . This is one common thread in humanity. Instead of judging people , for their actions or behaviors , maybe we can sit with them and dig just a little bit to see their pain. To be with them in their pain.  Kudos to Dr. Phil for listening to her, and helping,

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  • @Dominica, I have always loved Sinead Oconner. ALWAYS! This conversation had me in tears and certainly put my woes and "be damns" into perspective. For sure, may we not judge others, lest we walk a mile in their shoes!
    God, bless Sinead and let us hope we hear more music from her soon!
    She is indeed a teaching tool, an inspiration and a beautiful soul! May she help others in her industry, as well as those who are willing to listen to her story...
  • I applaud Sinead's courage. I hope that interview will inspire others to discuss their mental health struggles more openly. The more we talk, the more we help to break the stigma.
  • @Goodtr8s @DeanD  i agree. mental illness is not something to be ashamed of...and neither is addiction... usually it's a byproduct of some sort of trauma or wounding in childhood...(and sometimes in adult years)

    less judgment for sure. more compassion... :)

    i always remember this i heard.... "angry people need more love, not less." you can also say, "addicts, alcoholics, etc. need more love, not less." 

    is that easy? no... But it is something that I work on. Of course, one can argue how can you be compassionate toward a rapist or murderer or adulterer Etc. To be compassionate does not excuse them from their behavior or get them a free pass out of jail. To offer compassion would be to look deeper into their soul, and love them there at that level from your own soul level. 

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