i need help

i need help, i am addicted to porn and need help badly. i also have a chat room sex problem, i never had actual sex but i am constantly in the chat rooms. at least once a day. i just need help to break this addiction. please give me advice, i really need it
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  • @TylerJ  Hello and welcome to the Forum. Thank you for sharing. We appreciate you reaching out for help. I'm glad that you want to stop this porn addiction. The desire to stop is your first step toward recovery.

    It will be helpful for you to begin learning about the disease of addiction. It's kind of like if you were diagnosed with the disease of diabetes. You would begin to learn about the disease and do what your doctor told you to do. You have to watch your diet and just inform yourself about it and how to keep yourself healthy.

    Porn addiction is just like any other addiction. The actual addiction goes on in the brain, so your brain is used to it. Your brain needs it and wants it badly. However, the real you does not need it or want it. The you that is underneath this addiction. The you that is wanting to get free. Sometimes it's easier if you can separate the two. (You vs. brain)

    So recovery is going to have a lot to do with learning about addiction and rewiring your brain so to speak. Your brain gets this huge surge of dopamine when you are engaging in this activity. That's what it wants. Most of the time , you've got to give it up 100%. Because even if your brain gets a little tiny hit of it, it craves so much more. This is why many alcoholics can't even have a sip of alcohol. They have to completely abstain in order to stay free. 

    I'm going to put a couple links here for you to read. There are many websites dedicated to helping men and women get free from porn addiction. There's also many YouTube videos that will do the same. Instead of watching porn, start collecting some YouTube videos that will encourage you when it comes to this addiction. There's also plenty of books... It WILL take some effort on your part.

    Know that you're not alone and we are here for you to support and encourage you however we can. No matter what, just keep trying. If you relapse, just start over and try again even if it's 100 times. Never give up. Reach out for help when you need.

  • @TylerJ... Welcome to the community and kudos to you for having the courage to reach out for help. Like @dominica said, you are not alone. There are soooo many people dealing with the same thing you are these days. 

    Dominica has already given you some great information. And she is spot on when she says to keep trying, no matter how many times you might relapse. If you fall, get back up again, and keep working hard to succeed.

    We are here for you. You can come here for help, support, or just to vent, and we will always listen without judgment.

    I'm sending you lots of positive energy, encouragement, and hope. Definitely check out the links to other threads that Dominica included in her post.
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