Sleeping Pill Abuse: Here Are the Signs

Sleeping pill abuse may not be as common as some other substance abuse but it’s a condition that should be taken seriously. Education and awareness are the biggest factors helping to end the abuse of sleeping pills and sleep aids, being aware of the signs and symptoms could save your life or the life of another.

Sleeping pills vary and range from Ambien to Sonata, Seroquel, and beyond. These drugs are dangerous and powerful and can easily have a user slip into abuse of the drugs meant to help them.

Signs to look out for when you suspect someone may be using sleeping pills:
-       An unusual euphoria
-       The inability to focus
-       Unsteady gait
-       Uncoordinated movements
-       Slurred or unrecognizable speech
-       Impaired or lost memory

Are sleeping pills really that dangerous? The answer is that yes, they can be. Because using sleeping pills come with both immediate and longer-term dangers, most people tend to use them cautiously. But many people aren’t fully aware of what dangers sleeping pills pose when they are prescribed them or begin to use them.

Taking sleeping pills can put you at risk for depressed breathing, seizures, allergic reactions can cause chest pain, difficulty breathing, swelling, and nausea. Sleeping pill symptoms can range from minor fatigue to overt fatigue and even coma.

Signs that someone you know may be abusing sleeping pills include:
-       Memory loss
-       Drowsiness during the day
-       Dry mouth
-       Dizziness
-       Struggling with coordination
-       Experiencing unusual dreams
-       Experiencing a slowed breathing
-       Lightheadedness
-       Itching and/or swelling

Using sleeping pills over the long term often causes users to feel intensified side effects. The drugs used in sleep aids can build up in the system over time causing serious and harmful effects.

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  • I think relying on sleeping pills every night, or the majority of nights, is a recipe for disaster. Not only do you run the risk of dependency/addiction, but you are messing with your body's natural functions. I don't think that's a good thing. 
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