What We Can Learn From Others’ Addictions

Perhaps one of the only things that can come from addiction becoming highlighted in the media, like that of the fallen congressman, Anthony Weiner, is what we can learn from someone else’s addiction. While those suffering through their own addictions are feeling guilt and struggling to get access to the resources they need because addiction awareness is just not where it needs to be, Anthony Weiner is being referred to in manners such as, “sick,” “his judgement clouded by disease..”

We’re not totally sure why when a person with a title suffers they are looked at in the right way of being sick while others suffering long before and who will undoubtedly suffer after him are stuck fighting for a diagnosis simply so they can get access to the care they need. Here’s a look at what we can learn from the addiction of someone who use to be in power.

Back in 2011, Weiner’s path down sexual addiction was highlighted when he tweeted a female follower on his Twitter account a link to a nude photo of himself. Once again in 2013, while running for mayor of New York City, similar behavior led to his eventual drop out of the race. Even after increasingly negative consequences, Weiner sent out pictures of himself that could only be referred to in the least as racy, this time while his toddler son was present and could be seen in the photos of him.

Following a similar trajectory after each of his very public outbursts of sexual addiction, Weiner starts off by denying all claims, he then has a run in with consequences within both his personal and professional lives followed by publicly apologizing for his conduct and claiming that he’s been reformed.

Throughout his path of addiction, Weiner faces serious consequences, most notably, being sentenced to prison time for interacting sexually with a minor. The only difference between Weiner and anyone else who has a sexual addiction is that this one was splashed all over the media. We know that sex addiction is a very real phenomena, and we know that its much like other substance abuse addictions in that a user compulsively uses or acts on sexual thoughts in a way that garners them increasingly negative consequences which don’t seem to stop the user dead in their tracks.

Without the right tools, resources, and coping mechanisms, sexual addiction can spiral out of control just like any other addiction.

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