What’s The Cost of Inpatient Rehab?

Rehabilitation is a big decision for many when it comes to recovering from a substance abuse disorder. The thought of putting one’s whole world on hold to enter into treatment and get better is a scary thing for some. Adding to the stress of figuring out what treatment center will give you the best chance at success is trying to figure out how much rehab is actually going to cost you. The cost of treatment varies widely and depends a lot on a couple of factors, let’s take a look.

Size of the program – One of the first factors towards the cost of treatment is how big the program is, whether it’s just a small intimate group of patients or a larger facility equipped to help dozens of patients at once.

Type of facility – There are more than just a couple of types of facilities offering treatment programs but the main categories are inpatient and outpatient, which have an effect on cost due to the services they provide.

Location of the program – if the program/facility is near your home it may be more cost effective than attending an out of area or out of state program. You might find that programs near the beach are more expensive than some inner city programs.

Treatments, therapies, and ammenities provided – this is going to be a big factor in the cost of the program you choose, there may be multiple therapies offers, medical detox, intensive inpatient or outpatient services, and there could be extra therapeutic activities offered like yoga, horseback riding, or hiking, which will all effect the total cost of treatment.

Length of stay – Some programs offer just 28 days of treatment where some offer 90 or more, beyond that, a program may offer additional services to keep you in treatment like relapse prevention or aftercare services. The total length of your treatment can vary and the cost will fluctuate with the length.

Although the monetary cost of treatment can vary widely, the price of not accepting treatment and recovering often comes at a higher cost to you, those that love you, and society as a whole.

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