In need of Support.

My fiancee has had a long history with pornography usage. I have discussed with him multiple times how it makes me feel and pleaded for him to abstain from using pornography. I recently found out that he had secretly relapsed and had been using for a significant amount of time without telling me. He barely admitted it to me. He convinced me daily that he had not be using by telling me so. We had slowly rebuilt our relationship from the previous time I confronted him. I feel so overwhelmed with differing emotions such as anger, betrayal, and sadness. I want to support him, but I know that I cannot do it for him. I have previously asked him to get help. He usually agrees but something comes up or he gets comfortable and says that he can do it on his own.  I just don't know  what to do. I don't know how to help. It hurts that he daily lied to me. It feels as though he is choosing those women over me. It makes me feel inferior. I don't know how to rebuild for the fourth time. I'm beginning to wonder if I should end things. I need help!! 
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  • @Helper2224... I don't have any direct experience in this area, but there are people in this community who have. I am hoping they will see your post and respond. In the meantime, know that I am keeping you and your fiancé in my thoughts and prayers. 
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