Feeling better...

Day two sober. Woke up not feeling great. Went to an online video meeting. Feel much better now. Off to an in-person meeting in one hour.
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  • Very nice @Adler2073 2 Days is rocking. I was a drug addict as well. I feel your pain. Something struck me in your post. I have heard people say the same thing. You said "I am miserable with drugs. I am miserable without drugs." And I remember feeling that same way. I was addicted to oxycodone for 10 years. I quit many many times. Only to say it is too hard. And relapse. And I can assure you, it only got worse worse and worse. The pills where not the answer. I finally stopped. And have 20 months without a pill. And guess what? The misery went away. Not right away. But it faded away. You can do it. Just fight like hell to make 24 hours at a time. Do your meetings. Dont use. And I cam promise you, it only gets better. I still have trials. Thats just life. but I dont need some stinking pill to help me deal with it. Our friend @Goodtr8s has over 125 days with not pills. Come join us on The Freedom Express train. Because addiction sucks.
  • Nicely done, @Adler2073! Congrats on Day 2! I'm really proud of you for doing an online meeting and seeking out an in-person meeting. Those are things that can really help you on your journey. Keep doing the next right thing and know that things will get better. And remember that we are here for you, my friend. So reach out and lean on us anytime you need to!
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