Increases Changes at Successful Long-Term Sobriety with In-Patient Treatment Programs

The goal of any substance abuse program is to enable a drug user to detox safely and recover from the use of the drug. Back in 2005, there were an estimated 22 million Americans suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. A staggering 95% of those people were unaware they had an addiction. Those who did recognize the problem, sought treatment. 273,000 were unsuccessful in their goal of sobriety.

Why are so many addicts unsuccessful in their attempts to be sober? The addict might not have a good support group around him or her. Or the temptation of the addicted substance being available causes a relapse. It is difficult to stop a behavior if you are put in situations where the behavior is happening. There are many addiction recovery programs that are good and do show a number of success stories. Attending these outpatient treatments can allow for people to better fight the temptation of a relapse.

The best way for an addict to be successful at detox and recovery is to seek help is at an in-patient rehab facility. The addict has all outside influences taken away. They are totally encircled by professionals who are dedicated to help them see their way through this process. The staff includes medical professionals, counselors and nutritionists. The addict needs to repair both their body and mind. Without all these parts to the recovery system, it is highly likely the addict will become another statistic of someone who failed in their attempt at sobriety.


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