Celebrity Pete Davidson Gives An Inside Look At Borderline Personality Disorder

As most people know, depression can be a serious and debilitating illness, affecting up to 16 million people in the United States alone. Borderline personality disorder is a form of depression that is not as common as depression but still affects a great deal of people, most recently, SNL’s very own Pete Davidson. Some people may not be aware that BPD comes with a range of symptoms like unstable moods, trouble with self-image, behavior and even day to day functioning.

Davidson went on air, joining Michael Che and Colin Jost to speak about what’s been going on in his own world very recently. He goes on to say that he’s been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and makes a call for anyone feeling like depression has taken a hold of them to reach out and get help from a qualified professional. He also makes a mention to medication, which can still seem a bit taboo, even with all the awareness that mental health has been getting lately.

Davidson makes reference to being mindful of health, eating, and exercising, making his plea that it can be highly beneficial and makes a huge difference in your life when living with depression. Probably the most noteworthy aspect coming from Davidsons diagnosis and recent shift in attitude towards his own health is that he’s finally clean and sober.

Davidson, admittedly, hasn’t been sober in over 8 years, constantly struggling with his mental health probably didn’t help that cause. But with his diagnosis and newfound health and journey under weigh, he’s proud to admit that he’s sober for the first time in a long time and even celebrating one year of sobriety.

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