Just like quitting smoking

Hi all, wanted to ask if anyone has ever tried to quit smoking or some other addictive substance, and if it's easier or harder than quitting a porn addiction? Reason I ask is because: quitting smoking was a pretty horrible experience that is low on my list of things to do again. But here I am, with another addiction.

Sorry for being a windbag, but I feel like I have to post this somewhere to make it legit -- this is me trying to kick the habit by admitting I have one.

This is pretty embarrassing, but I'm guessing a lot of us have some pretty similar stories, so I'll just say it. I toss off a lot. And by "a lot", I mean: to the point where it's literally painful but I do it anyway.

My brain knows it's about to feel the best feeling in the world that there is. It knows there's a reason why whoever made us (God or otherwise), had this ingenious idea to perpetuate the species, something along the lines of, "Well, I made them. Now how do I make sure they don't just all kill each other and die off? Wait, here's an idea!!! Let there be sex..." And there was sex, and He saw that it was good. Actually He saw that it was a little *too* good.

For me the triggers are pretty much anything remotely feminine. I was driving home from work today and saw a jogger literally a half-mile away, and just the shape of her at that distance was a trigger. A half-mile away! The thought of yoga pants is another trigger -- I know, ridiculous. The faintest scent of a certain kind of perfume. The tiniest bit of bra strap showing under a woman's shirt. The list goes on -- it doesn't take much at all, and it's humiliating and embarrassing. (Actually the photo at the top of the sex/porn addiction page on this site is a trigger.)

I have to wonder, with so many triggers, what kind of chance do I have? I remember back to the frame of mind I was in when I quit smoking, and it went something like this: this is something I want to do for myself and my family. I'm sick of doing it. I'm ashamed and disgusted by myself. And I know all I have to do is just: *not* do it anymore.

So I guess that's it. I've read lots of your posts and wanted to say thank you all for this site and for posting your experiences--it feels like at least I know I'm not the only person with similar problems. Although I don't remember reading anyone else who had the yoga pants/bra strap problem.

So for anyone out there who might have some insight, I'm wondering two things. One, harder or easier than a chemical addiction? And two, I can't really tell every woman in the world to cover her bra straps and not wear yoga pants, so how do you deal with triggers you have no control over?

Thanks everyone.
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