Why You Don’t Need Religion To Be Spiritual In Recovery

People facing addiction come from all walks of life. Some are spiritual, some are not, some are willing and ready to allow religion to help them recover, and still more want to recover and get in touch with their own spirituality but don’t need, want, or believe in any one religion to get them going. If you’re facing addiction and wondering how spirituality without religion can still help you, this article is for you.

Many AA and NA programs reference a “higher power” and in AA, God is specifically spoken about and referenced throughout. That’s OK, the program is designed to help people in numbers, and the big chunk of people that it’s helping are willing and ready to accept God or some other higher power in the their life. But it doesn’t mean it can’t help you if you don’t want to accept God or some other Higher Power as your religion.

You can still get everything you need to succeed at being sober from these programs and meetings, in your own way. Recovery is about the dedication and commitment to oneself to seek sobriety and follow it through. You can still use spirituality without religion to help you succeed, here’s how.

Understanding The Difference

The difference between spirituality and religion is that religion is a set of beliefs, practices, and rituals used to worship over the chosen god or gods of that religion while spirituality is the personal search for the meaning of life, to find a connection between everything in the world and beyond to oneself, without or without a higher power. Yes, religion encompasses spirituality but they are two separate ideas.

What has spirituality done for your recovery, with or without religion?

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  • Thank you for sharing. There are certainly differences.... no right or wrong either... Each person to navigate their own path.... oftentimes people will go from a religion to another or try a spiritual route, and maybe go back and forth...

    We're all trying to find more peace and joy.... And feel connected somehow to something or someone greater....  

    We're on a ball hurling through the cosmos.... haha. That's trippy!!  It's nice to feel as if we are part of a larger power....or that when we leave this planet, the real "we" will still be around... :)
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