How much important part music played to help you recover??

I feel music is the need to breathe. I have witnessed the desire of the soul only to altar the circumstances through music. My personal growth was encouraged by music and I feel like a new person after healing my addictions through constantly getting motivated through the music.
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  • @Jackson30Mendoza ;hello and welcome. I'm glad that music has helped you so much. What kind of music particularly do you like? I agree that music can be quite therapeutic and helps many people through various emotional issues in life. There's also been research on the topic that indicates that the vibration according to music is what really helps people .
  • When I listened to this, it is not just words, its the music that drove me towards actually applying what she is saying. Just listen to this and have an expereince yourself.

  • @Jackson30Mendoza,

    Couldn't agree more!Music is an irreplaceable means of therapy!It's unbelievable how sound can  influence our feelings - bring tears to our eyes or make us smile!It's a way to escape  boring daily routine and forget  problems even if it is just for a while,There are a lot of benefits that come from listening to a good piece of music- it can help you take things off  of your mind.I have been listening to music for quite some time now to help me deal with stress or anxiety or feeling down and I have benefited so much from doing so.Many times I wish I could play a musical instrument!

    Music has been my best friend in hard times and I can once again write a short phrase from the lyrics of young MJ's song "Music and Me" which goes like this:"We are as close as two friends can be..Music,Music and Me."By no means am I an expert in  the field but ,coming from my personal experience, I would encourage  those of you ,who (like me) are trying to heal and are on the journey to recovery and finding their true self,to try this fantastic aid! It doesn't hurt to have some extra help in our life which is so beautiful and up-lifting!

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