My experience with celebrate recovery was negative. I am a former rn up to date in the medical field and the neuropsychology of addiction including codepedency. There was a lot of anger and control and shaming and guilt used in celebrate recovery+ just pray and learn bible verses. Rick warrens son- a founder of celebrate recovery commited suicide. A red flag to me. Professional commpassionate treatment is needed for any behavioral health issue. You must stay positive. Keep learning new things. Meditation yoga helps me. I now have a dog . she is an official esa.do not return to unsafe people relationships. Learn boundaries.
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  • @Klt ;Hello and welcome to the Forum. Thank you for sharing and I'm sorry that your experience with Celebrate Recovery wasn't great. I've never attended a Celebrate Recovery meeting, but I do know some people who have benefited from them. At the same time, I also know how some Christian circles can not be quite as forgiving as they propose they are. 

    I'm glad that despite your poor experience, that you're doing well. I think meditation and yoga are wonderful Avenues to help aid in recovery and health in general. So glad that you are on your healing journey and again, thank you so much for sharing.
  • @Klt... Thanks for sharing your Celebrate Recovery experience with us. I'm sorry your experience was negative, but I'm happy you've found your way to feeling better. No doubt that a pet can help with that. ;)

    I wish you nothing but the best going forward. Keep thinking positive and doing the next right thing. :)
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