Nobody Plans to Become an Addict

None of us wake up one day saying today is the day I am going to become addicted to drugs.  It is a slow gradual ride none of us even realize we are on.  I wrote this post in hopes to open peoples eyes that nobody is safe, addiction does not discriminate.

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  • @Recover117 ;Hey there! Welcome to The Forum! Thank you for sharing this valuable information. We understand that no one sets out to become an addict or alcoholic. It's this monster that slyly infiltrates their lives over time. I'm so grateful that we have a community here that will support one another and encourage as we can. There is treatment for the disease of addiction and of variety of paths to recovery.

    Hoping everyone who gets to this forum and reads the posts will get on their path to their recovery. We're always here to hold space for them as they do.
  • Welcome to the community, @Recover117. And thanks so much for sharing the link to your post. You are spot-on, my friend. No one sets out to be an addict; and no one is immune. More people in the world need to realize that.

    Thanks again. I hope to see you around the various forums here. 
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