3 Tips to Get You Through A Sluggish Day

Sluggish days happen to everyone, whether you’re in recovery or not. But, in recovery, a sluggish day could have dire consequences. After all when your sobriety is at stake, you can’t afford to let a sluggish day get the best of you. In the early days of recovery, practicing recovery skills can be harder than you ever thought.

Use these three tips to get you up and going to conquer those sluggish days of recovery we’re all bound to have sooner or later!

1.       Take it slow. Simplify. Compact your daily schedule into just the things that must be accomplished today, in the here and now. Don’t worry about the past or the future right now. You just need to make it through today. Plan your work or other obligations, your therapies or meetings, and take it one day at a time. Don’t worry, you’re still off to a great start and sobriety is just the overall steady journey in the forward motion, there’s bound to be bumps in the road here and there.

2.       Focus on you. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks right now. Yeah, some people might still be upset with you, but others are equally as proud and excited for you and your new healthy journey. Most of all, let your own inner voice melt away on this one. There’s no room for guilt or shame on a sluggish day, you deserve al the positivity in the world and it starts by coming from your own inner voice. Make it happy.

3.       Cover your bases. Today is not the day to let things slide. Go to the meeting. Take some time to do something you love or enjoy. Talk to your friends and family for support. Drink water and get plenty of rest. This is just one long day, nothing more, nothing less. You’ll get through it!

One sluggish day is no cause for concern, so don’t fret. Follow these tips and be on to tomorrow with hope in your mind!

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  • This is a great post. There's no doubt that we all have sluggish days. There was a time I used to try so hard to pull myself up when I was having such a day, and wouldn't have much success. Then I realized it was okay to have a sluggish day, or to have an off day. Now, oftentimes, I'll take that as a call to nurture myself and take some time for solitude. I love myself right where I'm at. I find sometimes it's harder to dig out of the hole that day, so I wait until the next day. I find most times that as I sleep, I reset. Whatever was causing it kind of goes away, and if I can wake up in the morning and not start thinking automatically about yesterday, but rather begin with gratitude for a new day, I usually just feel better. I start off the day better.

    Find out what works for you when you're having a sluggish day. But no matter what, try not to judge it. or yourself .
  • Great post!Learnt a few useful tips how not to be too hard on myself when I have a sluggish day and just let things take their course ! Do something nice ,have a good rest and take it easy!
  • This is information that can help just about anyone. Thanks for sharing it, @sclarke!
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