Facing the Holidays with Anxiety

The holidays can bring about a huge mix of emotions for many
people. When you’re dealing with an anxiety disorder, it can bring about even
more stress than the normal hustle and bustle. Learning how to manage your anxiety
disorder and a few tips to get through the holidays is imperative to make sure
you have an enjoyable season. Below you’ll find a few tips to help you make it
successfully through the holiday season with as little stress as possible.

Set Your Own Limits

You know yourself better than anyone. Make sure you set
limits ahead of any party or gathering and stick to them. You know exactly how
long you can handle being in a crowd without suffering an anxiety attack. Set
your limits and stick to them.

Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you are getting enough time to settle yourself as possible.
Stay on any medication regimen you’re on and be sure you’re taking them as you
are prescribed. Try to stay away from mood-altering substances such as alcohol
during this time. It can exacerbate the situation. Be sure to get plenty of
rest and alone time so that you can enjoy the time with family and friends.

Keep Your Schedule

Make yourself a schedule for the day so that you can
accomplish certain tasks and keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Keeping a
balance time alone and time with others is imperative to help you stay centered
and calm.

Put Your Coping Mechanisms to Work

Be sure that you plan ahead for any event you may be
attending. Consider what may happen and how you plan to handle it. Having a
plan for each situation is a critical aspect to helping manage your anxiety
this holiday season.

By having a plan in place you can help to make sure that
your anxiety disorder does not hinder you from having an enjoyable holiday


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