3 Signs Your Loved One May be Addicted to Pornography

Do you ever get the feeling that something is just not quite right in your relationship but you’re not entirely sure what it is? From time to time we all get a little feeling that something may be going on with our loved ones that we don’t know about. It can be hard to find out what’s going on if your spouse isn’t up for talking about things that bother them. If perhaps they are struggling with an addiction to pornography, you may have an idea as to what’s going on but you also might have no idea, if they’re good at hiding it. Here are three signs that your partner might be struggling with an addiction to pornography.

1.       Secrecy –  If your loved one is keeping their pornography usage a secret from you, there may be a reason why he/she is hiding it. That goes the same for the frequency of usage. If your partner is clearing browsing data, claiming much less use than he/she really is partaking in, or denying use altogether, there may be feelings associated with guilt, shame, or denial present – which isn’t a good sign.

2.       Cravings – these might be sexual cravings, wanting more and more – or wanting things that are further and further out of your comfort zone or out of the realm of normal intimacy for you two. They might also be strictly pornographic cravings, needing to view it more and more often, even despite the fact that it’s taking a negative toll on other aspects of life, intimacy, etc.

3.       Being unable to stop – If it seems like you’ve had multiple conversations and your partner even “wants” to stop – as opposed to denying the problem – but they just can’t, no matter how often they try, there’s a chance that their pornography viewing/usage has become an addiction.

There are things you can do to help support your partner but they have to be ready to receive help. You can talk with a counselor to see how best to approach the situation yourself and what you can do to assist your partner. 

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