Please I need your help I'm desperate about moving away

My name is Erwin I'm 29 y/o, I'm from Guatemala. I have about 10 years living in USA, I am an immigrant, I speak better than I write in English. 4 Years ago I met my wife 26 y/o, she was homeless, her situation broke my heart I took her home with me, unfortunately she has an addiction, we been working on it getting programs and rehab, I thank God she is getting better but she relapse frequently. We are not legally married but were planning in a future. When I came to this beautiful country my American dream is work hard to help my family, build my own house save something and go back home to take care of my family. Sadly the little savings I had is gone on my wife's treatment, rent food and bills, I had a car but I sold it, I always been working seven days a week but the money I make it's not enough for all our need. My wife and I want to go home in my country, she wish to move to a place where is no drugs and live a sober life, I'm from a small county, every time I talk her about how green and quite place is she gets really exited and want to move, she really try her best to avoid drugs but I can see that it's hard since that poison is in every corner. I want to take my wife home but Sadly I have no house, I want her to live the clean life she wish to have, I'm dying inside but I don't let her see my desperation for not have nothing in my country. I'm sad for my situation and I'm afraid for my wife's life because she has attempted suicide twice, she say she doesn't want make me sad anymore because her struggle.I really love this woman, shes my life and reason for my smile. I'm a Christian, I believe in God and we pray every day, we go to Church and ask God to help us. I'm sorry I had to came to ask help with you beautiful people but I'm really desperate and exhausted, I know I'm young and can work but what I want now is go away and save my wife's life. And help my Mother have electricity in her little house. I hope you understand my supplication, I want to build a house, and have something to live with in my country. 
Thank you so much for your support and generous help​.​

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  • @erwinemigdio,

    You are in a tough situation. That is for sure. I don't have any magic solutions for you on this either. Sorry. You are working hard, every day, so it isn't like I can take the easy route and say, "work harder".

    However, perhaps you can work through your church to accomplish your goals. I know a lot of churches and organizations sponsor missions to various countries. Perhaps you can see about something like that? Have a church or organization sponsor a 6 month trip back home. While there, you would probably be doing work building schools or churches or access to clean water, but you would also have some off time to try and establish yourself in the country. Find a place to stay, get a job lined up, ect. I would think that as long as you were honest and upfront with your sponsoring organization on what you wanted to do, and that you intended for it to be a 1 way trip, they would find a way to arrange a deal everyone is happy with.
  • @Erwinemigdio hello and welcome. i agree that the church can be helpful... go to them and ask them to help you in the various areas you need help. you would benefit from a mentor...someone who will help you set some money goals....and also get your wife some help for her addiction.... 

    does she attend any support groups? they are free.
  • @ErwinEmigdio... Welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear about the struggles you and your girlfriend are going through. I think @Leaker and @dominica have given you some excellent advice. Your church and support meetings both sound like terrific ideas. 

    I will pray for the two of you. I hope you can turn things around and find a way to get to your homeland.
  • @Leaker Thank you so much for your words, I’m really exhausted for my situation. But I’m here fighting and convincing myself that it will get better. @Dominica she attends some out patient rehab but I need to find more programs for her and I don’t have idea where to find, we live in Los Angeles and I’m really afraid leaving her alone because I’m all the time out working. @DeanD Thank you. unfortunately my church doesn’t have sufficient help and for this situation can’t help. I created a campaign on gofoundme wishing that God touch’s people heart. If I can I would like to share the link here of my campaign and maybe you can help me by sharing it I have facebook but my friends don’t understand and kind like judge me by saying why just don’t leave her alone and forget about her but God I can’t do that, shes my reason and purpose to fight every day and wirk hard.
  • @ErwinEmigdio... I'm sorry you're feeling exhausted, but I'm happy to hear that you're still fighting. I hope things get better for your girlfriend--and you--soon. Unfortunately, we aren't able to share your GoFundMe link in the forums. That is something that isn't allowed. 

    Keeping you and your girlfriend in my thoughts and prayers. Go forward, be brave, and keep the faith.
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