AA Celebration Meeting

I went to an AA meeting the other night to support a friend who has 6 years sober . it's been years since I've been to a meeting and it was really wonderful to see the people and the community . I saw a couple sons with their fathers, both recovering from alcoholism. I saw husband and wives and just all sorts of people, and it blesses me to know that there are people working the program and finding success.

I love online communities, but I also think it's important to get out and have some sort of physical network with people. many people get it at their job or maybe a hobby, but there's a great amount of people who don't have any support network. 

I know I don't feel like getting out in the evenings hardly ever, but sometimes I force myself and I'm always glad that I do when I get to connect with others. 

Congrats to those reading this forum who have achieved any length of sobriety for clean time. We understand that recovery isn't always an easy Road, but it can be worth it. Just keep trying. As they say AA, keep coming back
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  • Thanks for sharing, @dominica. AA meetings can be like a breath of fresh air. And yes, face-to-face contact is a good thing!
  • While still somewhat new to the program , I'm far enough along that the newcomers often ask me questions . I tell them for me , I have to make the program about more than just staying sober . Those folks are my NEW friends . And they are friendships founded on non-superficial crap ! And yes , my wife goes with me some . Both of my daughters have been with me . My wife and I go out to dinner after the meetings with other AA couples , and the conversations carry so much more meaning than the cocktail party groups we use to hang with . And to @DeanD comment , for me it wasn't just a breath of fresh air , it was massive exhale of all the toxic garbage trapped in my lungs , heart , brain , etc. Yes , those people in the rooms are happy , joyous , and most importantly , they are Free !
    Gotta run . Don't want to be late to the meetin ! 

  • @TWSJ thank you for your input... sooooooooo glad you are finding true connection in AA.... love it!! :) 
  • @TWSJ... What an awesome comment! I'm so happy to hear that AA is helping you, and that it's brought new friends/friendships into your life. That's so fabulous! Love that your family is participating, too. You are incredibly lucky to have their support!

    Keep it up, my friend! You are an inspiration!
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