My Anxieties

Hi guys. I just wanted to ask if any of you tried using medical marijuana for anxieties? I've been suffering severe anxiety for almost a year now and been given a prescription for Benzodiazepines for my medication. But i heard alot of people telling me that marijuana helps relieve anxiety but im not im not sure if its true so i came up to search something about this idea and came across a marijuana strain that says that i can discard all forms of stress and its euphoric buzz it delivers often is useful in combating anxiety and depression. I wanted to hear your thoughts about this guys and if you can give me any tips that can help me with my anxieties. Thank you!
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  • @Motya... Welcome and thanks for posting. I'm sorry you've been suffering from severe anxiety. I went through a period of bad anxiety several years ago and know how tough that can be. As far as medical marijuana goes...I think some people do find relief using it. But I also think a person has to be very careful about using it. Even though pot is considered to be a pretty "safe" drug, there are side effects that a lot of people experience. I would do a lot of research on the subject before embarking on the medical marijuana path.

    That said, I would also advise you to be very careful using any benzodiazepine, too. Benzos are pretty nasty drugs that bring along their own side effects. They are also very addictive and are very difficult to get off of. The only way to get off of them without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms is to wean yourself off of them very slowly. I had a very bad experience with doctor-prescribed Klonopin and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    Thanks again for your post. I hope you can find relief from your anxiety soon.
  • @Motya Hello and welcome to the Forum. Dealing with anxiety can certainly hinder life in so many ways. It's certainly not uncommon to struggle with anxiety these days. Many people do.

    I agree with Dean that benzos can be quite addictive, and some of the side effects can be horrible. They were never really meant to be long-term solutions for anxiety, but many people use them for a lifetime. I would certainly do research on both approaches to managing anxiety. Sometimes I think that doctors easily prescribe medication, but really don't do any digging as to find out where the anxiety is coming from. To really get to the underlying issue, should there be one.

    There are plenty of alternative techniques and practices getting popular these days for anxiety. Things like meditation, yoga, qi gong, breathing techniques, and so on. You might find some relief in some of these.

    Hope this helps. It's tough to say what works for everyone, as it's all kind of an individual process. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I know for me digging down to get to the roots of the anxiety has helped me more than anything.
  • @motya, concur with @deand and @dominica. While the marijuana might seem like a tempting solution, it doesn't really help to replace one drug with another, especially if it doesn't get at the root of the problem (the anxiety). You mentioned talking to "a lot of people", but were any doctors? Well, a real doctor, not one of those weed doctors (in Vegas we had "Dr. Reefer" and "The Weed Doctors" that would gladly write marijuana prescriptions for anything. Anxiety? Tremors? Stomach ache? Weed weed weed!).

    For the anxiety, the easy suggestion is talking to a therapist to try and get at the root of it. Truth be told, I am a bit of a worrier too. It's a vice, or flaw, or whatever one wants to call it. However, what helps me is not dwelling on the "what if?", but making plans for the "what if?". It keeps my mind occupied, and focused on a solution and plan of action, as opposed to just worrying. Now, for some things, there is no actionable solution ("what if the plane I am on has a mechanical failure? Well, I'm f--ked") but for most other things, there is at least a little planning or thought experimenting that can be done. Maybe that can help get you out of a rut dwelling on an issue.
  • @Motya... Do you have a smartphone? If so, there's a fabulous app out there called Calm that was just voted the best app of 2017 by Apple. It's an app to help you relieve stress and anxiety. It's available for both iOS and Android. You can find out more at this website:
  • Wow, there really is an app for everything. Better living through science!
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