Avoid Holiday Stress

Hey everyone. I know the holidays can be a stressor for many people. Besides the fact that many people get lonely during the holidays, there are other people who stress out about buying presents for loved ones. Not knowing what to get people. Not really wanting to buy presents, but feeling pressured. The temptation to cope with negative feelings by drinking or drugging. Dreading the family get-together. Dreading the day alone. And so on.

My Hope Is that everyone reading this will really sit down and think about how they want their holiday season to play out. If you're stressed out, make theintent to do something different this year. If you feel compelled to spend more money than you want, or if you don't want to spend any money on presents for people, commit to a no shopping Christmas. There's really nothing wrong with that, and I embraced much of this myself. Long gone or my days wandering through the store was wondering what the heck to get my loved ones.

I came across this site that give some wonderful ideas for those who may want to celebrate the holidays with different kinds of gifts. There's a list of gifts where you use your time or skill or maybe give a gift of experience , handmade gifts, gifts of Charity, and so on. It's worth checking out.

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  • @dominica... Thanks for sharing this, my friend. The holidays can be SOOOOO stressful. But as I've gotten older, I've realized that Christmas is about my family and love and gratitude. It's not about STUFF. I'm happy to have reached that point, too. It's so much easier and so much less stressful. People shouldn't fall victim to the TV ads that tell you you should buy expensive jewelry or cars for your loved ones. Just enjoy the season. And be thankful for things you have.
  • If there's one peice of advice that I can add, it's this. Never feel like you "MUST" spend a certain day or time with people that have abused you, or somehow contributed to your addiction/stress/hassle. We all have those uncles that we just cannot really stand being in the same room as... that toxic in law that seems set on ridiculing or putting us down... that's the thing.. it's not worth the hassle, and all you beautiful people are worth more than that. Life is too short to spend "holidays" with folks that bring us down. We are under no obligation to please abusers, users, narcissists, or otherwise. this is our holiday too, and we need to start taking ourselves and our stress levels more seriously if we wanna live longer.
  • Good point @zozzie. Putting up with abusive Uncle Carl or whatever is not a requirement, at least not for someone already working enough issues and problems. Focus on getting to a good point in one's life, and get a healthy outlook, and then go and see about spending time with Uncle Carl. Once one is in a good spot, they might even find that Uncle Carl is a little more manageable. I'd say that once one is in a good spot, Uncle Carl goes from being a drain and a stressor to a piece of entertainment, and one can get some laughs out of watching that toxic person flail around trying to be the life of the party.
  • Absolutely, @zozzie! If you're not comfortable in any situation, for whatever reason, you're perfectly entitled to skip an event. Or leave early. That's your right as a human being!
  • @zozzie great point! take care of YOU.... and enjoy the holiday season!
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