Motivational Quotes to Keep You Jolly This Holiday Season

Alright, getting sober isn’t for the faint of heart. But it’s challenging because it’s also going to be rewarding! Getting through the holidays is stressful for anyone but it’s also a season where gratefulness should flow freely, cheer should be spread, and you should revel in the glory that is getting sober in time to truly enjoy the holidays!


Remember that, when times get tough, when stress is high, and when things are calm and mellow. There is no obstacle greater than what you’ve already survived during your time of addiction. You can survive anything life throws at you.

And in that same regard,

This too shall pass.

And don’t you forget it! Every moment is just that, a moment. Each moment, hour, day, and week will, eventually, pass. You’ll get through this.

So, take it one day at a time and remember, gratitude is not just a word; it’s a way of life.

Each day that you wake up alive and sober, find a way to thank yourself, your support system, and whatever entity you might believe in. Because each day of your life that you’ve received back after living life suffering through addiction is truly a gift.

Don’t forget though, you should never let the past steal you from your present.

It’s wonderful to reflect, to be grateful, and to remember what struggles you’ve been through and just how far you’ve become. But remember not to dwell, you’ve worked hard to get what where you are and you deserve to revel in this sober life you’re now living in.

And last but certainly not least..

The best is yet to come….

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