Don't Let Compulsive Shopping Rule Your Life This Holiday Season

It's easy to justify shopping this time of year but for those of you who struggle with compulsive shopping, this is no time to let your mind slip and run off into the night swiping your card left and right without a thought to what's really going on. With the holiday spirit, you might be justifying excessive spending and shopping, after all your 3rd cousins best friend would definitely love that ugly Christmas sweater, AND it's on sale!

Okay, all joking aside, compulsive shopping can take reign over your life fairly quickly, especially during times like these when the spirit is to give and excessive everything is celebrated this month. If this sounds right up your alley, take a step back and remember the addiction or addictive behavior that you're fighting. You can still participate in the holidays without going overboard and without stirring up old habits.

First, take stock. Make a list. Put everyone on the list who you absolutely must shop for and decide on a couple gift or gifts for each person. This way when you get to the store you don't end up throwing everything into the basket that reminds you of your best friend only to realize you've blown half your shopping budget on just one person.

Secondly, you should try to space out your shopping. Half the fun of shopping lies within the thrill, and that's what gets us into trouble. If you simply love the thrill, split up your list to take care of on a few separate days, that way you do get to still have fun with shopping more than once but you're still sticking to your list and your budget without going overboard.

Lastly, don't forget how far you've come. You've worked hard to get here, to ditch those addictive behaviors. Don't go back now. You can absolutely enjoy the holiday spirit without getting bogged down by compulsive shopping.


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  • Thankfully, I rarely get the urge to shop anymore. I think I've been there done that, in my younger years, and now see that buying things that I certainly don't need is simply another form of trying to fill a void in my life. Oh it feels good for a minute, but then the feeling Fades.

    I understand many people have to go through this , and some gets stuck there in the addiction. Of course we should be able to purchase things that we need and even desire, as long as it's within our budget. I've been broke and I've had some money, and I definitely prefer the ladder.

    Recovery from shopping addiction is possible.
  • I have to say, online shopping makes it very easy to get carried away. Especially when sites like Amazon allow you to purchase things with "one click." Be very cautious, people. Don't get sucked into a shopping black hole!
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