Hi, I have a question

Do you purposefully search out movies and things on the internet to make you laugh?

I never really search out humorous material. But I know some people that do, and they are much more light hearted and positive than I am. I wonder if actively looking for things to make you laugh is a positive trait that helps with a positive outlook.
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  • "Laugh, and the world laughs with you" - Old timey saying

    I would highly encourage everyone to seek out what they find as humorous and spend at least a few minutes a day laughing. There are even studies that appear to show a correlation between laughing and health, as well as all sorts of sciency stuff that talks about the good chemicals one can squeeze out of the brain with a little laughter. And yes, a good attitude is, I think, encouraged by good humor, and is definitely contagious (in the best possible way).

    One of the feedbacks I get from my supervisors is that they love the attitude and morale I bring to the office. I know when to be serious, but I know when to flip the switch and be funny. The work we do is serious, but I don't think it means everyone has to work like we are in a funeral parlor, so they appreciate the light jokes and snarky comments.

    By seeking out what you find as funny, you can develop your own sense of humor. I have a Rolodex of 1 liners that I can throw out at any given moment if someone says the right set-up, and that comes from all the stand-up comedy, early internet flash videos, and other things I wasted my life watching.

    There are lots of philosophies on life, but one of them is that life is absurd (Absurdism), and trying to make sense of it just leads to sadness. The best antidote for the absurdity is to just laugh. After all, "You can either laugh or cry, and there is more dignity found in laughter" - Leaker
  • @tuongericdoan hello and welcome! glad you are here!

    i do think it is worth it to seek out things that will make you laugh!

    laughter is medicine.... i know i always feel better after a good laugh :)

    one show that makes me laugh, no matter how many times i watch the series is Friends. just love it! :)

  • I don't search funny stuff out specifically, but I love when I come across something that makes me laugh. Sometimes laughter IS the best medicine! :D
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