New Year: New You

As the New Year rings in, it isn’t a bad idea to set some sober goals. Setting goals and celebrating their achievements has been proven to help you in your recovery, even when the goals and achievements are small things. Remember, it is often a bunch of small goals that amount to one big goal. Setting sober goals is an individual process that depends on where you are in your recovery. Your goals will be different so that they apply specifically to you and your own unique situation.

Take things one day at a time. This is the simplest way to get through the present moment, sober. When you begin to think about staying sober for a week, a month, or a year, it is really easy to get overwhelmed and send yourself into a downward spiral. As long as you stay sober in the present moment, you’ll stay sober. Set a goal to spend a certain amount of time each day on your recovery. Whatever it is, make sure you have a time set to focus on your sobriety each day.

Set big life goals to keep you focused on the right thing. Keeping the positivity flowing in your life will make you grateful for all the good out there and you’ll realize that by staying sober you’ll allow for room for good things to happen in your life. Don’t expect to be perfect. It is important to be realistic in your expectations for that you don’t get frustrated and burned out.

Setting sober goals for the New Year can help you stay on track and make sure you continue focusing on your sobriety. Keep your list of goals somewhere that you can see them so that you can check in every day and make sure you are working continuously towards them! If you ever feel like slipping, you can take your list out and remind yourself why you are working so hard to stay sober.

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