Methadone to Suboxone question

My husband and I were on methadone for a year and a half in total. We were detoxing and ended up at 25 and 24mg, respectively. He was going down 5mg a month and I was going down 1mg a week. Then we were forced to make the decision of getting off faster than we had hoped because the clinic was developing some new policies which would have probably caused us to get kicked off eventually anyway. So we decided to get off on our own terms with a 21 day detox before this happened. During the 21 day detox, they took us down 1mg every day for 21 days until we got down to 3 and 2mg on Christmas Day, which was our last dose of methadone. So this was 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, the withdrawals got worse than we expected and we did end up going back to using dope. So now we're trying to get ourselves off the dope with the help of Suboxone for a week or so. We're not trying to stay on the Suboxone for a long period of time, just a week at most to get through the worst part of the withdrawal. The only issue is we're not sure if the methadone is technically fully out of our systems, and if it's not, the Sub would send us into immediate full-blown withdrawal, so we're kind of afraid to go that route. But there are very limited options right now, and doing it this way with the Subs is honestly our best one. Like I said, it's been 3 weeks since the methadone and we got off at a very low dose. But we've also both still been having the same symptom, which is things smelling and tasting weird. I'm not sure if that means the methadone is still coming out or not because I've heard of that happening to people trying to get off Sub even for a month or two, and I know that can't mean the Sub wasn't out of their system a month later. But with methadone, we're not sure and we're worried. Any feedback or experiences would help. Thanks.
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  • @Tant28 hello and welcome. thank you for reaching out.... i am glad that you both want to get clean....

    i am not that familiar with the ins and outs of methadone or Suboxone. i recommend talking to an addiction's specialist... can you speak with someone at the clinic? be honest with them... maybe they can help...

    i hope you find some answers, and are able to kick the drugs.... perhaps find a support network... 12 step group or SMART recovery, or something... might help to have that extra face-to-face support.

    we are here, rooting for you for sure!
  • Hey dominica, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, no, I wouldn't be able to speak with anyone at the clinic because as far as they're concerned, we're both off of there. They wouldn't help us if we're not clients over there anymore, unless we try to get back on, which honestly is damn near the last thing I want to do (besides, obviously, continuing to use dope because something has to give here as well) considering we just went through that whole process and finally got out of there. The last resort for us I think would have to be for us both to go away to detox for a week, but I really don't want to do that if we don't have to. That's why I say it's a last resort. My husband and I have spent almost every night together since we first met, and being separated like that would be horrible on both of us, so I'm really trying to avoid that. But I also don't want to continue doing what we've been doing, so if it came down to it in the end, I would. I know the logical thing would be to see a doctor and get drug tested to find out if the methadone is out of our systems or not, but the issue with that is it might take a bit to get an appointment and when you're living in active addiction, every day, every hour even at times, counts because it's a matter of whether you're going to be sick or not. And we've overplayed our hand with money doing the stupid shit, so we're broke right now and wouldn't be covered in that sense sickness wise while waiting. If I was able to see a doctor in a few days even, we'd have to be sick until then, and we already have a couple of Subs for when it starts. So like any other addict, they'd probably take the risk of putting that Sub in their mouth, in hopes that it won't make it worse, before going cold turkey for those few days waiting to find out for sure.
  • @Tant28... I think the best advice I can give you is to consult with a medical doctor. An addiction specialist, ideally. I am not equipped to answer your question. Maybe someone who has had the same experience will weigh in, though.

    Glad you're working on getting clean and sober!
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