Don’t Let Winter Spike Your Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be gruesome at times, although how much anxiety affects us varies from person to person. Some people live with gripping anxiety and fear while others only experience a twinge of discomfort when triggers arise. It’s important to know your triggers and how to work through them so that anxiety doesn’t rule your lives. Do you know how the weather can affect your anxiety?

People often wonder if weather affects our moods and scientists have researched the subject in great detail for years, but the bottom line is no one knows for sure. Generally, it’s believed that weather can have some affect on our moods but the strength of that link is unknown for certain.

We know that some people live with seasonal affective disorder, which tends to show up in the colder winter months. So, it’s not too far off to think that the same dreary winter months might make your anxiety spike a little more than normal. Some people are just more sensitive to weather changes than others are. Weather it’s the air pressure, humidity, or temperature that our bodies are reacting to probably varies from person to person as well.

One doctor suggests that the reason those who are anxiety prone can feel a bit more anxious in winter months are already stricken with a sense of claustrophobia so, the changing of the seasons and the thought of being indoors more could spike anxiety levels. There’s also more holidays in winter months, more spending, more get-togethers, and the likes of which can all be triggers for those already struggling with anxiety.

If you suffer from anxiety, try to be more aware of what’s going to happen during the changing of the seasons ahead of time. Sometimes all it takes to ward off anxiety is being aware of upcoming changes so that you’ll have time to mentally prepare before it sneaks up on you.

What are some of the things you do to combat anxiety in the winter season?

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  • Seasonal affective disorder can really be a bear. But I've found that going for walks outside, even if it's cold, is really helpful. Especially on a sunny day. Sunshine is a wonderful thing, even in winter! I also have one of those "happy lights" and it seems to help, too. All that said, I can't wait for spring!!!!
  • I used to have Seasonal Affective Disorder when I lived in Pennsylvania. It is a real thing.... I now live in the South.. and that does help!! :)

    Sunshine is a beautiful thing.
  • I have a happy light for SAD. I also take extra vitamin D ... my city is the sunniest in all of Canada though so that’s a plus compared to the west coast and it’s constant rain due to it being a rain forrest. I also am thankful I had a gf working at Saje just over a year ago. I always thought essential oils were more a placebo or maybe had mild results, yet I was so wrong! I wish I still worked there so I would get the staff discount but it’s worth it at cost. I think it’s so powerful because of the blends they created vs just using one specific oil. The crave away grips with mild cravings but I am experimenting to see if I combine it with others blends will it eliminate the urge? Idk yet guess we will see :)
  • @blueorchid... I love using essential oils in a diffuser. I find lavender to be soooo calming. :)
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