Rehab for Workaholics? Are They Out There?

Chances are you either know a workaholic. They’re out there at the grind 50, 60, 70 hours per week. They hustle, bustle, and are go getters.  Sure, working hard is admirable.  Many great things can come about in life through hard work, but what about those that work so much they are actually addicted to it? Work is their drug of choice that they just cannot be without.  Are there recovery options for them?

Workaholics in rehab

Due to the many people who tend to become addicted to work, more and more rehabs are addressing this type of addiction. The treatment model asserts that working is important, but it is not so important that one feels compelled or less than when they are not working. They promote a balanced lifestyle in regards to work and home life. 

Many workaholics don’t want to attend a rehab because they fear they will not be able to work while there, but this is not necessarily true. There is ample time during rehab to get some work done, but you’ll also have time to receive some counseling and get to the root issues of your addiction. You want to learn how to overcome the addiction with helpful tools that you can employ in your everyday life.

It is very tempting for workaholics to begin depending on alcohol as well.  The pressure to perform and be the best can drive one to pick up the bottle regularly.  This is like a double whammy, but still the issue could very well be that you have an addictive tendency and the good news is that you can learn to overcome this through rehab, counseling, 12 step and non-12 step groups, etc.

What are your thoughts on workaholics and rehab?  Do you or someone you know struggle with workaholism?

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  • I've never thought about it or heard about something like that, but it makes sense. I would think that most of the time people who are workaholics use the money that they earned from their jobs and take a really nice vacation for a week or two to destress, somewhere like an island.
  • Remote working technologies could prove invaluable for workaholic people in rehab. It could be a great way to keep in touch with reality and also to take your mind off things.  
  • It's crazy that I never thought about it, but I may be a borderline workaholic. Work takes my mind of personal troubles, and I tend to dive into it while I'm at work, but it doesn't just stop with my nine to five. I work freelance jobs when I get home even though I make enough money at my day job. If I am sitting around the house I will pick up my laptop or phone and find alternative ways to make money. One thing I have to look forward to is a vacation next month, maybe that will help. 
    Thanks for sharing!
  • On the contrary, workaholics in my country don't immediately resort to alcoholism. That only happens in America and other liberal western countries. Here, companies offer methods for helping their workers cope up with stress including team building, company parties and incentives (gift certificates or free appliances). American companies should start doing the same too.
  • Well, I have sort of met someone who was a little bit addicted to her work. Not because she wanted to, but because she needed to. I guess it was a different kind of workaholic, because her job somehow required all her attention so she needed to fulfill all her duties in time. I remember she would always bring some of her paper works home. I kind of salute her for having such dedication to her chosen career.

  • There are reasons why a certain person give too much attention or spend too much time for their work. If they had this kind of behavior towards their work it doesn't mean that we should think that they have "workaholic" addiction already. That is not always the case when it comes to working conditions. A hard working person is different from being a workaholic. Sometimes there are jobs that requires longer working hours and have to meet the deadlines that is why there is a need for take home work. Based on my own experienced when I was not yet married I worked for years in a big company. I had a very hectic schedule for my work. But I also had a day off and I really spend time to rest during that day. We worked beyond 8 hours because we need to submit reports everyday and first thing in the morning our reports should  be there already on top of the table at the meeting room of our president and managerial staffs. That is why we always go home late at night and sometimes we bring take home work too. Even weekends sometimes we had overtime if it is needed. This kind of working behavior is not intentional and this is our responsibility as an employee of the company to do the work properly on time that is being delegated to us by our superior. We are just doing our work well to help the company to be more successful. And so if  for other reasons you are working hard to the point that your intention is you just want to compete with your co workers even you make yourself a slave from your work then you might be suffering from being a workaholic. And that should require proper treatment before it becomes worst.
  • I have never heard of someone going to rehab for being a workaholic, but the notion makes complete sense to me since it is an addiction. I am sure that there are places out there to help someone realize that they are too wrapped up in their profession.
  • I suppose know matter the addiction a support group would be a great idea. Especially for those that work more then they should. All work, and no play makes for a really bad mood in some people.
  • Wow, I'm surprised about the existence of rehabs. I'd expect that people who employ workaholics would be happy to have 'em just as workaholic as on the first day! And that, well, from the extra money, not too many people would think it needs rehab.

    Learn something everyday, huh!
  • I think the stigma of workaholics and the negative effects of it is not as widespread as alcohols or other addictive substances. For example, in addictions to alcohol and other substances, you would lose money while with addictions to work, you would obtain money even though at a cost of other things. Generally, as a workaholic, you won't even be looked down by the society even if it partially ruins your life. It is a good idea though to have a rehab and certainly it can helps the few people who actually have problems because of it.
  • A support group would likely be unsuccessful. The members would never want to take the time iff work to show up.
  • I consider myself a workaholic but have learned when to call it a day. Personally, I believe working up to 60 hours per week isn't too bad. The real workaholics are those that put 70-80 hours a week and beyond. These folks would definitely benefit from a rehab program as it's just insane to put in so many hours.  
  • This is very interesting and have never thought of this as an addiction before. Great information to know!
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