New Year’s Recovery Check In

Alright guys, we’re a hop, skip, and a jump into January of 2018 and it’s time for a New Year’s check in! Whether you’ve been working on New Year’s resolutions in general or maybe even recovery resolutions, it’s time to hold yourself accountable and take a look at where you are. Often, we find that we jump into the new year with leaps and bounds and start running into the right direction…before tapering off and losing out strong hold over our goals for the year!

So let’s do a quick walk through to find out where we stand!

Start by asking yourself these questions:

What were my top 5 resolutions for this year, or top 5 goals, priorities?

Have I been keeping these in mind, while making choices and decisions so far?

Have I been putting my needs and priorities before or after the needs of others?

Have I been fair to myself?

Have I lost any steam, or started to revert back to old habits?

What are my top 3 motivators for achieving my resolutions, goals, or priorities that I thought about earlier?

How can I make sure to motivate myself to keep going?

I think once you’ve taken a few minutes to sit down and answer these questions honestly, you’ll know where you stand and what you may need to work on. Do you have the right motivation at the fore front of your mind to keep you headed in the right direction? Are internal motivation or external obligations holding you back?

Once you get a glimpse at the picture, you’ll know exactly how to take your next few steps forward, one day at a time.

For the best results, partner up with a friend and do frequent check-ins to reach your goals and stay motivated!

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