What will you do this weekend for you?

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well. Here we are heading into another weekend!

Don't forget to spend some time doing something that fulfills YOU.... Sometimes we can get so busy with work, taking care of kids, others, tasks, etc... that we forget to just relax or go do something that we feel is FUN.... or give ourselves permission to have fun!

I was talking to a young woman this week and when she was asked what do you do for fun, she was taken back. Other than work and Netflix, she really didn't have a "fun outlet"... So she is now willing to start thinking about that, and try some things that sound like fun.

Hey, maybe resting is fun...especially if you're on the go most of the time. If that's the case, rest! If you're always alone.... maybe get out and do something you may find fulfilling. Walking in the woods. Coffee shop time. Dancing.

Whatever works for you!

Me? This weekend I think I will get out and do some yardwork trimming, as it's going to warm up. That is fun for me. And a bike ride. More fun. And maybe even bowling :)

What about you?
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  • I am going to cook! Leg of lamb tomorrow. Scotch broth soup made from the leftover lamb on Sunday. And, of course, I will watch some playoff football on TV. I will also go for a couple of walks with my wife, because the weather here in Michigan is supposed to be a bit warmer! All in all? I am going to pamper myself! Because I deserve it!
  • @DeanD that sounds like a fantastic weekend! and i'm glad it will warm up some for you! YOU DO DESERVE IT!
  • It's gonna be 40 here on Saturday and Sunday, @dominica!!!! Woohoo!!!! :)
  • I am going to continue my trend of not doing much and relaxing after the efforts earlier this month. Plus, for the first weekend since I unwrapped the thing and been home, I am not going to fire up the smoker and make something. While the BBQ is delicious, it does take hours of babysitting and fussing, plus I am 3/3 of running the damned thing with it snowing and/or below 20 degrees outside. I told my wife the first time, "Sorry honey, you really did marry both a pol-lock and Florida Man since it is 17 degrees, snowing, and I am smoking ribs". She laughed.

    I'll do some video gaming, sleep in late, cruise the food store for horrible things I can justify by saying, "I'm in great health, I just ran 48.6 miles 3 weeks ago!" and enjoy it all. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing imaginable.
  • @Leaker sounds like the perfect weekend for you! i agree that relaxing can be very enjoyable! esp. when it's freezing outside.... and many hours have been put in for work during the week...

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