Do you feel worthy?

In my almost 50 years living on this planet, I find many people who come to the very root of their issues.... they do not feel worthy. They don't feel like they deserve their own love, and love from others.

This low self-worth... it's very common in those that struggle with drinking and drugging too. Maybe as a child they grew up in a dysfunctional home. Maybe they suffered pain and trauma.. or were abused...or neglected... and they picked up the thought, "Geez. I'm not good enough to be loved. Something is wrong with me." And this carries into adulthood, and well, drinking and drugging sure does numb out those painful feelings temporarily, huh?

When you stop drinking and drugging

Ah, but when you stop drinking and drugging (b/c you're sick and tired of doing it...and you're still in pain!) those feelings surface. In fact, they may intensify.

And that sucks...and it can be hard!!

But dear one, I assure you that this is a necessary part of your life journey... To start digging a bit to see where in the world those feelings and beliefs came from... and then begin healing them. It's like you get to take off your mask (that you've been wearing forever it seems).... and get real and raw with yourself and others.

and it becomes ok to say, "Hey, you know what? I'm struggling. I'm depressed. I'm mad as hell. I'm scared. I'm lonely. I'm afraid I'll fail. I don't want to end up alone, and I don't want to die. I don't know what to do."

I want you to know it's ok to feel those things and admit them.

These feelings don't have to be permanent. BUT... it will take some recovery work to discover them, process, and heal them. And that recovery route looks different for each person.

Your job is to navigate your path. Get the bush whacker out and create your own recovery path. If one path leads you to a dead end, whack another path... and yes, try to enjoy the whacking process best you can...

You are worthy. You are a beautiful spirit... Here to learn valuable life lessons...and experience some peace and happiness along the way. Maybe not all the time (I mean, we do encounter pain along the journey)... but we don't have to suffer...

And please, if you need help, know that it's ok to ask. In fact, most people need some help along the way. No shame in that.

You are not alone. We're here to love you unconditionally, no matter what. because that is what you deserve... and at our core, that is who we all are.

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  • Everyone needs to realize that it's okay to not feel okay.
  • @DeanD yes, give yourself permission to feel feelings.. all of them... but getting stuck in the negative the point where you're suffering... i believe there are tools that can help decrease those feelings... not perfection, of course. it's a journey, and we have our ups and downs... but we do deserve a good life... to have more good days than bad days... and people who will mirror our kind souls when we can't feel them. :)
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