Will I Get My Old Self Back In Recovery

All of the experiences we go through as a person help shape and mold us into who we are today and who we will become tomorrow. All of our memories, our good times, our bad times, and everything in between have an effect on us, on our personalities, on our moods, on how we cope. In just the same way, both addiction and recovery tend to change us as people. One question we get a lot is whether or not you’ll get your old self back after addiction and recovery.

There is no simple answer of yes or no and the answer is entirely up to you and how you work your way through recovery. Fundamentally, you’ll still be you! You may get back to your old sense of humor, your old personality, and some of your old hobbies and interests.

But you also might have a new perspective that you never had before. Because now you’ve been through things that help you see the world in a new way.

Along the path to recovery you might develop new hobbies and interests, you’ll probably make a new support network and get a new group of friends. So, you’ll definitely still be you and have bits and pieces back of the person you were before addiction. But, fortunately so, with the experience of recovery you’ll add in new ideas, new experiences, and a new perspective to mix in with every bit of who you are.

Maybe you won’t be an entirely different person, a stranger to yourself, but there’s a good chance you’ll experience growth in areas you weren’t even aware of before – and that’s not a bad thing. After all, this is recovery, the goal is to grow, expand, and change the way you live and cope. Only good comes from this type of change!

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