Addiction is oftentimes misunderstood

Addiction is oftentimes misunderstood. I know there are many that think addicts should be able to just stop drugging in no time. They should be able to willpower their way through it.

It's not that simple. If it were, there would be a heck of a lot less addicts out there in misery...

See, addiction affects the brain. We don't know the complexities, but we do know that the brain gets hijacked, and that person we once knew becomes a slave to the brain or monster of addiction.

I'm not saying cut addicts slack either, b/c they have the choice to reach out for help and desire to get treatment. But go with compassion and hold space for them while they are navigating the active path of addiction. I've known some hardcore addicts over the years, and once they got clean they'd say, "Man, I was so freakin' miserable, but I just didn't know how to beat the monster."

But they kept trying... and if you're reading this and you're addicted to something... and you're tired and afraid... just keep trying. Realize this is a brain thing... addiction is a chemical brain thing (in so many words)... and there are ways to treat it.

You're not alone... Find your path to active recovery. No right or wrong. Do what works for YOU....

If you relapse, get back up and try again. You may need face-to-face help. Many do... so figure out who you will reach out to....

We are here to listen. To root you on. To pick you up when you fall.

We believe in YOU.
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