@Tommy @TWSJ @Goodtr8s @TheDayIsToday How are you?

The FREEDOM TRAIN is rolling along, for sure! Grateful to be a part of it!

Checking in to see how some of the regulars are doing. I know you're all busy with life..and that's great... my hope is that you're doing great!

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  • Yeah really. It's been just me yammering with @deand and @dominica holding down the fort. Too quiet for my liking!
  • @Leaker yes!! seeing as how it's winter.. maybe they are enjoying some hibernating... me.. i enjoy my little Netflix shows some evenings. :) but we did have some warmer weather this week, so yay!

  • Hope all you kids are doing alright. Only 50-something days 'til spring!!!
  • @Dominica and all ,
    I got really bogged down on a work deadline for about 2 months . But I have been hitting my meetings just about daily . In fact I've been asked to take on some service positions by my AA group . So all is well .
    And as the Southern Boy in Coastal GA , I'm mind boggled by this crazy winter . Snow closed Savannah down for damn near a week . I live down here for a reason and snow and cold ain't it ! Hope everyone is Happy , joyous , and free !
  • @TWSJ hey you! good to hear from you!!! glad you are doing alright, despite the cold. It was crazy here in Louisiana too! :)

    Glad you are serving in your AA group. That is wonderful!! Sobriety looks good on you, my friend!
  • You're right. Seems like I've been hibernating the last few weeks! Thanks to @Leaker, @DeanD and @dominica FOR holding the fort down.
    Seriously, I HAVE read several responses to some newcomers struggling. I know two of you have children who have struggled or who are struggling now. I hope your responses to these posts are internalized by their readers.
    It's only a few weeks until Spring.

    My husband has the flu! Please keep him AND me (lol) in your prayers and good thoughts. Will be back in touch a few days! :smiley:
  • @Goodtr8s hey there! good to hear from you! seems like you're doing well and yes, sending prayers and healing energy for your husband! Recover soon! <3
  • @Goodtr8s... I hope your husband is over his flu bug soon. There is some very nasty stuff going around. Prayers and healthy vibes being sent out to both of you!
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