Living a balanced life

Whether you're dealing with an addiction or recovery, or not, living a balanced life is a skill that we should probably pay more attention to. It's so easy to get into driven mode where we allow our mind to be racing with thoughts all the time and are continually trying to do, do, do, perhaps because we feel like that will help us feel better . I know a few people who are really out of balance when it comes to work life. they have this feeling that they have to work more and more when in reality you don't. they’ve simply gotten on that fast track and are finding it hard to get off. even when their spouse or kids go to them and say “hey we like to spend more time with you,” they still find it challenging.

It takes practice. It may take really getting honest with yourself regularly and cutting back where you can. It's looking at the different areas of your life and seeing where your time is going. Some people are so busy with so many things that they haven't taken time to do things they enjoy in a very long time.

Sometimes I make a not to do list. These are the things that I tend to do that are Time Killers for me, but it's not essential that I do them. And still, even having that list, I'll find myself gravitating toward those things, so I keep trying, and evaluate the way I'm spending my time regularly. I'm also big on making lists and keeping my eyes constantly on them; that way I don't get off track, and I have some direction and intention for my life.

What are your thoughts on balance in different areas of your life?

How are you doing in this regard?
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  • Balance is sooooo important, isn't it @dominica? When I was younger, it was so easy for me to get sidetracked by things--especially work things--and those things would take control of me. My personal life suffered greatly. But as I've gotten older, I've found that balancing things is much easier. Maybe it's the whole "older and wiser" thing taking place. Or maybe it's realizing that life is pretty damn short, so you'd better spend some of it on the things that are truly your spouse, your kids, and YOURSELF. When it comes right down to it, a job is just a job. I know that sounds simplistic, but it's true. I'm glad I finally figured that out!
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