Undercover Police and Drug Addiction Treatment

In their day to day police duties, officers typically are dealing with members of society who are not the most upstanding of citizens. It’s the nature of the job. Law abiding citizens are not out breaking the laws. Drugs are a major part of an officer’s job. Because law enforcement is always looking for ways to stop the flow of drugs into the communities they protect, they have to do anything possible to get information on those who provide the drugs. Using officers in an undercover scenario is one of the best ways to infiltrate the “druggies” and find the people who supply them.

These officers who take an undercover assignment have to become part of the culture they are trying to stop. They start associating with those who use drugs. The have to live the part to make it believable, these officers cannot associate with members of their department for fear of having his or her cover blown. It is easy to see as an officer goes deeper and deeper into the world of drugs and further and further away from those who walk the straight and narrow, the possibility of submitting to their lifestyle might happen.

Police departments do keep in contact with the officers that are under cover. There is a support system in place for any officer who feels he needs help handling the type of work they do on a regular basis. Counseling and treatment centers are supported by police administrations to help officers who may find themselves facing addiction issues.


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