5 Confidence Building Statements

hey everyone! you know those times in life where you may be lacking self-confidence? i know i sure do... they come!! here are 5 statements you can write down and speak to yourself... or even memorize them to help give your esteem a boost! i know some will think, "ah, yeah, positive thinking is over-rated"... and true, just positive thinking will not necessarily change things up in your life.... but it's one tool that can help build a firm recovery foundation!!

i pulled these from SMART Recovery... (my own wording) :)

1. Just because today sucks doesn't mean tomorrow will.
2. I like to be recognized and applauded by others, but you know what? I don't need that to feel peace and happiness.
3. I'm gonna mess up sometimes... I'm not always gonna hit my targets in life, but I'm still gonna love and accept me!
4. What I do, how much money I make, how many clean days I have, etc. does not determine my worth!
5. My thoughts about me and life aren't always right...and I'm not always going to believe them. Cuz I've got so many good qualities about me!

Feel free to add to the list!

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