Pregnancy and Drug Use: When The Need for Inpatient Treatment Becomes Dire

In a perfect world, an expectant mother would eat a healthy diet, exercise and do everything her doctor advises during her pregnancy. In a perfect world, there would be no worries about how alcohol or smoking would affect a baby. And certainly in a perfect world, we would not even begin to imagine an expectant woman to engage in substance abuse. It’s hard to believe that a mother would endanger her unborn child by knowingly using harmful substances, but that is a reality for some people.

The use of stimulants, barbiturates, benzos or even OTC medications during pregnancy can cause miscarriages, early births and low weight births. Babies who are born early can have many health issues. They are often not fully developed. This can cause learning disabilities or blindness. It can make the child prone to infections. These babies will most likely have lifelong health issues do to being premature. Smaller babies are more prone to developing diabetes later in life as well.

While in-vitro, an embryo absorbs whatever drug the mother is experimenting with, and they can also become addicted. Stimulant use by the mother can cause a rise in the baby’s blood pressure, and heart rate. Other side effects might be poor sleep patterns and irritability. Once a child is born, the substance abuse problem might not be over for the infant. If the mother continues her drug abuse while breastfeeding, the infant will also be taking the drug through the mother’s milk.

It is imperative, while expecting a baby, that you remain strong and refuse any drugs or medications that may harm your baby. Your baby can’t tell you no; it’s up to you to protect your child.


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  • Thank you for posting this. I have read stories and heard things from people about the people who do drugs whenever they are pregnant. While it is a terrible situation all together, it is extremely selfish on the mother's part because she is living for and carrying around another human life. It is such a shame that this happens. Thank you once again for posting this.
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