Signs You’re Using Sleeping Pills Incorrectly

It’s normal to have ups and downs in your sleeping routine from time to time. As we go through different stages and life events, added stress and work load, big events, and other factors can affect our sleep sometimes negatively. Sleeping pills, whether over the counter or prescription are there for times of need, when you’re not getting adequate or restful sleep to keep your mind and body healthy.

If you’re using prescription sleep aids, then you’ll know if you’re using them exactly as prescribed and when needed. The tough thing is that sleeping pills can have negative effects and consequences, especially from daily use. It’s a double-edged sword if you have chronic sleeping problems and you “need” to take them for long periods of time.

If you’re taking over the counter medications, you should still be able to take the medications, within reason, according to the label. You must police yourself with over the counter medications, because who else is going to do it for you?

It’s easy to fall into a slump and start using sleeping pills like a crutch because it does make it easier to fall asleep, but remember the longer you use them, the more dependent you become on them for sleep.

If you’re experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms, you could be abusing sleeping pills:

- Slurred speech

- Unsteady gait

- Uncoordinated movements

- Unusual euphoria

- Inability to focus

- Impaired memory

It’s never OK to take sleeping pills and go about your day/evening. You should be prepared to get into bed soon. Under no circumstances should you mix sleeping pills with alcohol or other substances, and you should never drive a car while under the influence of sleeping pills. If you find yourself doing any of these things, it’s best to consult with someone who’s qualified to treat you.

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