I’ve Tried Rehab Before and It Didn’t Work, Now What?

Living a life of addiction is certainly not where we would choose to be, if we could. Sometimes it’s all we know, sometimes we see a glimpse of what life could be otherwise, or we imagine it. But it’s not always easy to get there. Sometimes, even when all we want is to be on the other side, we just don’t know how. We try, we fail, we slump, and we try again.

Rehabilitation is the same. It’s not a one size fits all. It’s not a one and done. Some people get it the first go around. Some people go longer and longer periods living in sobriety and recovery with a relapse here and there before they get it for the long haul. Some people try unsuccessfully multitudes of times with no real length of sobriety under their belts. And every one of those situations is perfectly OK.

So, you’ve tried rehab before, and it didn’t work. If you’re asking, “now, what?”, here’s your answer.

You get back up, you dust yourself off, and you try again. But before you try again, you reflect. Think about what went wrong in the first place. You might find that you didn’t have your heart in it, you didn’t fully make the commitment to yourself. You also might find that you put your whole heart into it and you did make the commitment and you’re just not sure what went wrong. That’s OK too.

The most important point is to realize, that we don’t all succeed on the first try for everything we do. Success is simply standing on top of the mountain of failures. Nothing more, nothing less. So, don’t give up now, keep going, and you’ll find yourself on top of that mountain one day!

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  • It's not at all uncommon for people to have to go to rehab multiple times before things start to "stick." Sobriety and recovery are learned behaviors, and one trip through "school" isn't always enough. If rehab didn't help you get and stay clean the first time, don't be afraid to give it another shot. You'll likely pick up things you didn't pick up the first time around, and the more tools you have in your recovery tool box, the better.
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