Drinking for Darkness- A Death

Today's Blog is a long one. Had my toughest test to date. Explore a friends passing, and the 3 roots of my alcoholism. All this brought on from some unwanted news from work.

Thank you all for reading. This has been the single biggest help to staying sober in the early days.
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  • Hi. I'm very sorry you lost a dear friend recently. I'm interested in reading your blog but it says I'm not allowed. I understand if you're private about your writings, but if you don't mind new readers I'd very much appreciate it
  • My condolences on the loss of your friend, @watchalifesaved. Losing someone we care about, especially at a young age, is so incredibly difficult.

    Keep fighting the battle, my friend. And keep writing, too.
  • @watchalifesaved hey there! sorry that you didn't get the promotion...this time.. .and that you lost such a good friend. i'm glad you didn't pick up a drink to cope with the news... life will ALWAYS throw things at us that we don't like or that hurt. the buddhists teach that suffering (pain) will come... but we don't have to cope with it by drinking, numbing, drugging, etc. we can learn to feel those things (anger, frustration, even rage).... FEEL IT... and process it in a way that is healthy to you and mankind... YOU DID THAT.

    good for you. there will be many "tests" as you call them, but you NEVER have to pick up to pass the test.... pass the test sober...learning valuable lessons along the way... you worked with your feelings and thoughts... you're re-training your brain to process rather than shut down. hooray!

    love the journaling... keep it up... and, btw, you're an amazing employee and man with or without a promotion... just saying. workplaces can be so competitive, and i get it... we are worth promotions :) but even in the case we don't get it, we're still pretty darn amazing... our worth not tied to it...
  • @dominica @SlvrState419 @DeanD

    Thank you all for your kind words. Means a lot. I am trying my best and living in the moment, and in the day.

    Be well
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