I have been taking five 10 mg hydrocodone every day for about two years. I am struggling trying to come off of it. Can any of you give me some advise on how to taper myself off? im struggling and very weak. Im beginning to wonder if I am going to get off of this successfully.
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  • @kentuckygirl... Welcome to the community and kudos to you for wanting to get off of hydrocodone. Unfortunately, I'm not a medical doctor, so giving you advice on how to taper off is not something I can give you advice on. My suggestion to you would be to talk to an addiction specialist. They are doctors who are trained thoroughly in all aspects of addiction, and they can help you taper off safely and with minimal withdrawals.

    If you're in the U.S., you can find an addiction specialist in your area by searching on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) website. All you have to do is put your zip code in the search engine at the link below and it will give you the names of ASAM doctors in your area.


    I'm proud of you for wanting to improve your life. And I know you can get off the hydrocodone for good. Please know you can come here anytime for support. We're all behind you 100 percent!
  • @kentuckygirl hey there! welcome! so glad you are wanting to get off hydrocodone!
    i agree with dean that a professional is your best bet to talk to... they are trained in these types of things...

    are you able to make an appt. with your doctor or an addiction specialist? if you have insurance, you may be able to call them and ask them to help you with a referral....

    i'm sorry you feel so weak... are there any people in your life you can lean on in times like this? for support? encouragement?

    we are here... anytime... and we are believing with you that you will be able to get off these pills and get back to your normal self! :)
  • I've gone cold turkey every time I've quit. It sucks but you gotta muscle through those first 2 days. Keep lots of aleve on hand your body will ache horribly. And remember you have to work on your recovery everyday. You can't ever assume you're "cured" because you made it two weeks with out. Stay focused
  • @Kaylee123 good points... staying focused on recovery is solid advice...

    i hope today goes great for you @kentuckygirl !
  • Thanks for that post, @Kaylee123.

    @kentuckygirl... How are you doing today? If you get a chance, let us know. I'm sending you lots of encouragement and hope. And big hugs, too.
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