Two Year Old Overdoses on Dad’s Suboxone in Ohio

An Akron resident called 911 after finding his 2-year-old daughter unresponsive Wednesday morning, authorities reported. Suspecting the toddler had overdosed on an opiate substance found in the home, Akron first responders used Narcan to revive her. She was later taken to Akron Children's Hospital, where she is stable. Lt. Rick Edwards said the girl's father was prescribed Suboxone by a doctor.

"This is one of those cases where somebody is being irresponsible by leaving medications or their drug wrappers or drugs laying out where children can get it," Edwards said. Summit County Children Services have taken the child into custody, as well as an 8-year-old also living in the home. The case remains under investigation.

A study last year by the Center for Injury Research and Policy and the Central Ohio Poison Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that there were more than 188,000 calls to U.S. Poison Control Centers for pediatric exposure to opioids from January 2000 through December 2015, or about 32 calls per day. This is the fifth Summit County child 6 years old or under to have overdosed on opiates in the last 18 months. And 90 percent of children who overdosed on buprenorphine — an active ingredient in Suboxone — were under 5.

Dr. Marcel Casavant, medical director of the Central Ohio Poison Center and chief toxicologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, warned last year that the overdose crisis impacting adults has trickled down to impact children. “When adults bring these medications into their homes, they can become a danger to the children that live there,” he said. “It is important that these medications are stored up, away and out of sight of kids of all ages, in a locked cabinet is best.”

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