Taking Plastic Surgery Too Far

Perhaps you've thought about tweaks you'd like to have done. A little nip here or a tuck there. What you may consider a slight change, some people can take to the extreme. There's a behavioral addiction out there you may not even be aware of. It's an addiction to plastic surgery and it effects more people than you might think. While you may consider only the rich and famous to take this to the extreme, your neighbor down the street or coworker could be dealing with the addiction.

What Constitutes an Addiction to Plastic Surgery?
Just as with any other addiction, people achieve a “high” from feeling like they’ve achieved perfection in certain aspects of their physical looks. When they want to achieve that high again, they go after more and more surgery. While plastic surgery itself is not an issue, the problem arises when the person can not get enough of the procedures or the sensation that everything is perfect for that moment.

What Causes This Addiction?
Often at the heart of this addiction is a condition called body dysmorphic disorder. This is where the person is focused on a slight or imagined abnormality to their appearance. In most instances, the “problem” is something that is totally acceptable to others or to someone without the disorder it is fine. Social factors can also play a huge part in this addiction as well trying to keep up with appearances of the other “perfect” people around you.

Is There a Cure?
The main and only cure for this behavior addiction is the acceptance of yourself and working to learn that it’s the you behind the looks that matters. What’s in your heart? That is what is important and not the outside appearance.

Do you know someone who struggles with this addiction? Were you that one and if so, how did you get the help you needed?

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