Those first 90 days of recovery…

There’s plenty of talk about the first 90 days of recovery. Those few months after you’ve said, “Enough is enough!” 12 Step meeting lovers will tell you to get your butt to 90 meetings in 90 days and your chances of staying on the sober or clean path will increase a lot… Others aren’t too keen on meetings, but they’ll tell you that ya gotta work at your early recovery pretty hard, b/c addiction is pretty darn sly sometimes… you think you’ve “got it” after a few weeks clean and you slack off, and before you know it you’ve conjured up 10 excuses to go on a bender… that mind can play some tricks and spew out some lies, huh?

Some say get to a treatment center. Hit the detox center and enter into inpatient or outpatient treatment during those first couple of months… and this is all great advice!

Essentially, do what works for you in early recovery, but DO something… As much as we’d like to think recovery is easy breezy, for most… it’s not. It’s a zig-zagging road that goes up and down and sometimes it’s just really hard….

But, recovery is possible and treatments are available…. Start doing the research (like you are) and connecting with others who’ve “been there, done that”.

If you’ve gotten past the 90 day mark, what do you attribute your success to?
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  • I know 90 meetings in 90 days is an incredible challenge, but I've seen it work wonders in a lot of people. That said, there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to recovery. So whatever works for YOU is what you should do.
  • Staying in rehab, away from the real world for most of those 90 days was the key for me. Where else are you going to get a different climate, all new people and a completely different schedule? My stay in alcohol rehab was 70 days and my stay in sex/porn rehab was 49 days. If you can afford it and/or insurance will let you, I think the longer you stay in rehab the better your chances of success on the outside.
  • Great point, @JoshuaShea. And if you can't stay in rehab that long, I think a good sober-living house is an excellent alternative, at least for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.
  • @JoshuaShea good insight. i'm super glad you received so much help. i do wish there were high quality treatment centers that were super affordable and that more insurances covered them!!! it shouldn't be so challenging to get good treatment.
  • @dominica Well, my first rehab for alcohol wasn't great. It lacked a lot and was closer to adult daycare than Passages Malibu...but nonetheless I met a whole bunch of people I never would have, was forced to follow a bunch of rules and was able to take a break from life. That was just as important as anything I learned in any of our sessions.
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