Will I Ever Get My Loved One Back from Addiction?

Do you love someone who’s battling an addiction? If so, you’re probably no stranger to the turmoil and hardships that living a life of addiction can cause. At first, it may seem like your loved one is still doing well and just partaking in whatever substance use a little too much. Eventually the scale will tip and the quality of life for the person going through addiction can plummet. When someone’s mind is so wrapped around their drug/alcohol of choice, it’s hard to remain connected or maintain relationships and responsibilities.

Whether your loved one has drifted from your life of their own accord or you had to set boundaries and stay firm with them and protect yourself and other loved ones from the turmoil caused by addiction, you may feel like you lost your loved one. They say every person going through addiction has people who love them who are going through addiction from the other side just as well. It couldn’t be any truer.

Sometimes we stay away from the ones we love because their lifestyle has harmed us, threatened us, or scares us. Sometimes they stay away from us because we don’t cater to their addiction anymore. We get it, it’s a tough spot to be in. No one can say for sure whether you’ll get your loved one back from addiction but all you can do is try. Try to keep a line of communication open, try to keep resentment down but still stand firm in your boundaries.

Remember, you’re not alone in the fight against losing a loved one to addiction. For now, keep your loved one in your thoughts and hope that sooner rather than later they’ll get the help they need. Hopefully in time they will want to work on rebuilding relationships with loved ones.

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