The Latest News and Treatments Available in Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehabilitation is one of just many treatment programs that offers a wide range of therapeutic interventions. As more research is done on addiction and more long-term studies offer up great insight into what works and how it might work better, there are always new up and coming treatments available in inpatient rehab settings.

If you’re thinking about inpatient rehab, you can probably count on your program to start out with a medically managed detox process as the first step in your treatment process. Detox alone doesn’t address all the needs or issues associated with overcoming an addiction.

A good inpatient rehab program will take the time to address your needs socially, behaviorally, and psychologically to best prepare you for life after addiction. Research shows that the best chance at long-term successful sobriety/recovery stems from long-term residential treatment.

In this non-hospital setting, you’ll live in a community 24 hours per day for the duration of treatment, any time from 28 days to 1 year. These are sometimes called therapeutic communities. An active component of treatment is the resocialization patients get from living and interacting in a community made up of others who are getting treatment, care staff, medical staff, and of course treatment staff.

While you work on many things during a residential stay, you’ll find that more and more niche rehabilitation services are being offered. We’re not just talking employment training and help with resume and job skills, we’re talking new and improved therapeutic interventions and an excellent shift towards holistic treatment.

From yoga and painting to outdoorsy therapies including all sorts of natural environments (the beaches of Florida, deserts of Arizona, and the forests of California and everything in between). There’s treatments that include time with nutritionists, animals, and other things aimed at wellness.

If you could choose an excellent rehab treatment center, what kind of therapies would you like to see more of becoming available?

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