Today is Hard - when does it get better?

I kind of went for it and stopped smoking cigarettes, drinking and smoking pot recently. I feel like I am falling apart. I have a headache that will not leave me no matter what I do. I don't know what to do with myself when I'm not at work. My boyfriend is gone for the weekend so I have no options or activities to do because I always just drank, or smoked. I can go to the gym and do schoolwork but that only takes up so much time. I will survive tonight but I am really worried about having two full days to myself. I barely even have anyone to talk to because no one even knew that I've been doing so many substances religiously.
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  • @mmq228 hey there! i didn't know you quit smoking too! well, good for you! that's awesome! i just replied on a different post... two days to yourself. maybe that's a good thing... i remember being super grouchy when stopping smoking ;)

    there's some videos about stopping smoking by allen care on youtube. good book by him too...check them out :) His book, Stop Smoking Now (Used to be called The Easy Way to Stop Smoking), has sold over 15 million copies and has helped more than 30 MILLION people stop smoking/drinking. He boasts a whopping 90% success rate!

    That’s impressive!

    There's a free reading of his book on youtube, i believe.

    {Excellent little documentary}

    might help! :)
  • @dominica Thank you!! I will try to use these as help when needed.
  • @mmq228... Wow. Congrats to you on deciding to quit drinking, smoking cigarettes, and smoking pot all at the same time. That's a big change for your body, so it's not too surprising that you are kind of a mess and dealing with headaches. Be sure to eat well, get some good sleep, and drink lots and lots of water. I think those things will help you feel better. Drinking water is especially important because it helps flush the toxins out of your body.

    We're here for you. For help, support, advice, or just to listen. So feel free to reach out anytime you feel the need.

    Sending you lots of positive, clean & sober vibes...and tons of encouragement and hope. You are taking steps to drastically improve your life, and I'm super proud of you for doing that.
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